Message from Linda and Henning

Looking back at our ten years of owning Promised Land Camp we have certainly  learned a lot, shared a lot, received a lot and would not trade it for the world.  There are so many great stories that could be told and many of you have suggested that we write a book about life here at PLC.  It would definitely make for some interesting reading, but probably out of my scope as you can see it is about all I can manage to get this newsletter out on time.  I will make an effort be adding an interesting story to each new editions we send out.  Hope you will enjoy and perhaps even recognize you or your friends in some of the coming stories.

As some of you have already noticed, we no longer have the toll free number.  It was not being used by many as the new cell service providers offer so much free long distance calling that clients are calling the office number.  We believe that if you try to call the previous toll free number you will be directed to a cruise agent. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  

Please contact us by phone at 705-724-1648, at our email address (, on our website ( at the contact page or even using Facebook page on the message section.  We love to hear from you and look forward to seeing you again in 2018.

Stories from Promised Land Camp 2017

As promised, I am going to attempt to tell you all a quick story of an actual event here at Promised Land Camp. So, let’s start at the beginning! 

Henning and I have so enjoyed meeting all of our clients and in most cases developing long lasting friendships.  In our first year here we of course did not know what we were doing as this new venture was extremely different from what our career life was when we lived in the city.  

We purchased Promised Land Camp on April 17, 2008 and opened to receive clients on May 20, 2008.  That meant the we needed to move all our belongings into our house/office and set up business books, open and clean all the cottages, put the boats in the water. learn the water lines and septic systems, get the beach and property ready, purchase all the staples needed to open, figure out where all our services were provided from and many other items too numerous to mention.

Frank the previous owner did come and help us for two weeks which we so appreciated and could not have opened without his help and guidance.

So, on the opening day when Henning and I woke up (clearly exhausted and excited) we had a well crafted plan to get us through the first weekend and beyond.  The plan was to wait in the office until the client arrived.  We would introduce ourselves and I would get the paper work signed before Henning took them to the boats and I took them to the cottages.  Somehow in our minds each party would arrive after we had dealt with the one before so that the well organized plan would work flawlessly!  

In real life this is what happened.  Four cars arrived simultaneously………..the clients got out of their cars and started to unload the food and luggage into the two carts in front of the Beach House.  They milled about and went to their respective cottages.  Henning and I sat in the office and were in some kind of shock.  They did not come to the office and we seemed unaware of how this was going to work now.  Finally we approached them and introduced ourselves.  They continued to unload and knew exactly what they were doing.  They all knew each other and chatted animatedly with each other………..  Kind of like they had just arrived home after being away for a long time.  

Eventually I asked the booking clients to come to the office to sign in and said they needed sign onto the boats and get training from Henning before they went out in them.  Now they were the ones who were perplexed!  WHAT IS THIS SIGNING? TRAINING?  We have never done that before and have been driving boats for decades, we certainly don’t need to get any training!  

We muddled through this initiation to camp ownership and soon grew to love the knowledge the repeat clients were bringing to us.  We look back fondly now on what must have been a strange event for these long term clients.


We are so fortunate to have the best clients on Lake Nipissing.  You all keep coming back here year after year and build your memories at PLC.  Some of those memories are shared with the entire camp…… like the one that Sonny Kiefer created this year with her entire family and her Canada family.  Sonny has been coming here with her family since she was a little girl.  Her parents came before that and her grandparents before that!  So it was with great delight that her fiancé decided to ask for her hand in marriage here on the shores of Lake Nipissing.  Nick asked and Sonny said yes!!!   Then the whole camp exploded in a marvelous celebration.  We all drank a toast to the happy couple and of course invited ourselves to the wedding once they select a date and venue!!!  Congratulations Sonny and Nick!

Sonny and Nick were engaged on August 13, 2017 in a canoe off the point of Promised Land Camp!

Nipissing Museum Retro Candy Store 

A New destination for our clients opened this year.  The Township of Nipissing converted the center building of the museum to a retro candy store offering many candies that we remember as a kid growing up in Canada!  It is truly a walk down memory lane as well as opportunity to learn more about the township of your favorite cottage escape destination! 

On-going up keep


Pine ceiling in cottage #1
New windows in cottage #1 and #2
Repaired weeping tiles in cottage #6
New toilets in #4 and #6
New roof on Cottage #4


New roof on Cottage #3
Bathroom renovation in Beach House
Fish cleaning hut renovation
Continue pine ceilings in cottages
Continue to repair sleepers on docks

For More Information

To check on your reservation or to make a new one please call our officer.  We are always happy to help you create your next family memory.