Fishing in the Lake

Linda and a few of the local business owners initiated the Lake Nipissing Stakeholders Association (LNSA) in the effort to battle the MNR, who were threatening to close the walleye fishing or at very least change the angler regulations for Lake Nipissing. The MNR reported that the walleye fishing was in crisis and would need some drastic management measures to ensure its sustainability. Our clients as well as those of the surrounding camps have found the opposite and have enjoyed very good fishing over the past few years. We challenged the MNR and in fact, we were able to stop them from closing the fishery. Although we were not really happy with the regulation changes, at least they did not close the walleye fishing. Again, this fishing season has been spectacular. Our clients caught walleye in all life stages and the MNR has even admitted that the change to the limit did not have an impact. Musky hunting has really caught on and we are getting more and more fall fishermen all trying to catch the “dinosaur”!

Story of the Year

Well, this was the year of Henning and all of you have been so fantastic. You sent cards, gifts and well wishes as we went through the Cancer scare Henning had in late 2012. You offered to help with ice fishing or getting the camp ready all the while remembering who Henning really is and not pampering him too much! Once the physical healing was done you started teasing Henning the way he would to anyone else. One of our favorites was when Eric and his family rented the beach house. Henning is always on the go, cutting grass, delivering wood, trimming, picking up, gassing boats etc. Well, Eric was in the bathroom filling some jugs with water when he noticed Henning outside the window picking up the garbage in front of the store. He took the opportunity to call Henning to help him with the screen in the window which had fallen out. While Henning was holding the screen in place with both hands Eric threw a full bucket of water out the window completely soaking Henning. Eric’s son Robert offered Henning a jug of water to get Eric back, but while he was retrieving it, Eric threw another one, again drenching Henning. All of this was captured on Eric’s Nephews camera. The whole camp had a great laugh knowing that it is pretty tough to put one over on Henning. Of course the game is on now and Henning will have to reciprocate next year.

New Program

In October 2013 we offered our first (of hopefully many) Yoga Retreats as we introduced the Starting Point Yoga Retreat. Cindy Washington and Amie Young for the pro team that lead the clients through 3 yoga classes and a holistic nutritional class. Clients have the option to purchase a massage, one on one yoga classes and even a person nutritional assessment while they are here. The gourmet menu is created and prepared by Linda. The initial group loved everything about their get-away and most have re-booked for next year.

Changes this Year

We decided that we needed to do the camp laundry in house now because the dry cleaners were doing a poor job and we were throwing out too many sheets. So, with that in mind we started looking for the right spot in the camp and settled on the garage Henning was using as a workshop. It was the perfect spot and additionally we decided to make a coin laundry for any clients who need to get a load of wash done or even dry some clothes. The garage was the perfect spot and it had all the required utilities, so we commenced the planning. Of course, Henning now needed a new workshop and so we had a 40' x 30' workshop built in the area where the ice huts are stored. The new building has one side for storage and the other side is heated for Henning’s workshop. We reorganized the area and took out the old shacks making the area more convenient and well organized. Although the construction phase was not a lot of fun, the end result is amazing! Henning loves it!!! Now with all of that underway, we had all the space in the movie/ice/game room where we decided to add a store. This allowed us to bring in a few items that our clients often forgot such as soap, popcorn, bug spray, hot dogs, ketchup, sugar, flour, etc. We now offer a wider range of promo wear as well which has been well received by all. So not to be forgotten we also retired the bathroom in cottage #3 while replacing the bath tub. We put a new sectional sofa and a 42 inch flat screen TV in the beach house. We also purchased resin Muskoka chairs for around all of the fire pits and finally replaced the last Sylvan boat with a new 25 HP Crestliner.

What You Can Expect Next Year

So next year we are planning on replacing the kitchens in cottages #6 and #8, renovating the shed by the gas tank to make that area more efficient, purchase a new water toy to replace the turtle trampoline. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you and we are definitely looking forward to 2014.