2012 Message from Linda & Henning Coninued

Thankfully, it is warm and dry this week so closing the camp is not too miserable. We want to thank you all again for a great season. The July folks suffered through a crazy heat wave and August guests had cooler temperatures and more rain. We all had great walleye and bass fishing this year. Henning and I have become more involved with the lake via the Lake Nipissing Stakeholders Association (LNSA) which we helped establish to promote restocking and sustaining the walleye fishery. It has a website where you can keep up to date on the efforts of this group (of which Linda is Vice President) to restock the lake with abundant numbers of walleye at various life stages.

Upgrades for 2012

Well, we had a great spring and opening season in 2012. The weather was fantastic, so camp clean up and preparation for the coming season was very pleasant. The upgrades were not highly visible this year, but did include: New water heater in cottage #3 and Cottage #7, New bedroom windows in cottage #2 (the old ones broke in spring cleaning), New kitchen cupboards, floors, ceiling beams, dishwasher in the beach house, Trails cut by the Junior Rangers on the 20 acres we purchased last year, New 25 HP Crestliner boat to replace an old sylvan, Trial resin Muskoka chairs at the beach house fire pit (which worked beautifully, so we will continue to purchase these for the other cottages), We finally added the deck on the front of our house as we missed the old one which we tore down when the addition was added. Now it is more comfortable for guests to visit. So, these were all accomplished throughout the season and again made this year very enjoyable for both of us.

Story of the Year

The fishing was fantastic this year and Tim will attest to that as he caught his personal best Pike right here at PLC. This was the first time the Stamps booked here at PLC ... and they came to fish! They have a friendly competition within the group for the biggest fish caught and on the last day of the trip Tim came into camp after a great day on the lake. The entire camp came out to see his 42 inch 17 lb pike, it was quite spectacular. Tim won the trophy and the praise of everyone in camp.

Words from our Clients

Henning/Linda, Although I think we should have brought an Ark instead of a fishing boat on the weekend you made our visit very enjoyable. From your initial greeting to our goodbyes and all in between you made it feel like a family visit rather than a hotel experience. Thank you again for your hospitality and I’m sure our paths will cross again in the future.
Regards, John

Hi Guys, Just a note to say, “thanks” for another GREAT vacation at Promised Land Camp. You guys are just awesome and other than me falling in the water when we took the boat out it was a fantastic 2 weeks. *LOL* (not nearly as bad as blowing a trailer tire on Hwy 400 last year *L*). Thanks again for such a great time. I may see you later in Sept., if not looking forward for the winter ice fishing. Thanks so much.

Hi Linda and Henning, just wanted to write and let you know that we had an excellent time this week at Promised Land Camp. Our family thoroughly enjoyed the week. The accommodations and the amenities were top notch and made the week all the more relaxing for us. If we come back to Nipissing we will definitely return to Promised Land Camp, in the meantime we will gladly recommend it to any of our friends looking for a cottage vacation. Thanks again,
Clare, Steve, Ben and Nick

There are lots of fish in Lake Nipissing

In other fishing news as I mentioned, the fishing was fantastic this year and no where better than right on the dock on August 17th. Jason’s wife Katie decided to surprise her husband (who used to come here as a kid and they both came for their honeymoon 6 years ago) with a fishing trip to PLC for his birthday. They now have 3 kids and so they loaded up the van and came to Canada for a weekend of fishing and family fun. Jason and Katie’s son Lucas is five and following in his father’s footsteps as a fisherman. They spent time on the boat fishing, but they also used the docks to fish from and every time Lucas caught fish, he came to the office to ensure that I came to see how they had done. They caught many fine fish. On Jason’s birthday there were two surprises, one Jason’s MOM came up to surprise him and arrived while they were out on the boat. It was a great surprise and everyone was touched. That afternoon, Lucas was fishing on the fourth finger of the boat docks while Jason was working on a fishing pole by the gas docks. It was about 5:30 and Henning and I were in the house having supper with our kids and grandkids. All of a sudden there was a very loud shriek coming from the docks ... DAD! DAD! DAD! It sounded so scary I jumped up to see what was going on and all I saw was Jason making a mad sprint to where his son was fishing ... those of you who know me will understand that I became scared that something had happened to little Lucas and we all went running out of the house to see if he was okay. By the time we got there Jason had reached his son and they were proudly holding a massive Bass on his little fishing pole! Not sure who had the biggest grin, but Lucas did not have to come to get me to see the catch this time. What a great birthday gift for Jason!

Township of Nipissing

Beginning May 1, 2013, the Township of Nipissing will implement a Clear Bag Program for all garbage being placed in the landfill. Disposal Bags must be clear or tinted as long as the contents are visible to the landfill staff. To address transparency concerns regarding personal items related to health/hygiene waste, one solid colour privacy bag no larger than 20” X 22” per clear bag will be acceptable. Effective May 1, 2013, non-compliant bags will not be accepted at the landfill sites. This includes non-clear bags and clear bags that contain recyclable items and/or household hazardous waste items. I will be posting the recycle bin items at the camp containers as well as in the cottages to assist you in sorting your garbage appropriately.

Muskey Fishermen Take Note

Jim Saric shot a segment of his TV show “THE MUSKY HUNTER” here at Promised Land Camp. Jim and his crew came to PLC in late October and spent 4 days fishing. They caught some spectacular fish and the show will air in early 2013, so if you have the ability you should try to catch the segment so that you can learn some tips before you book your musky fishing trip this year. In an effort to build this business, we are giving a 50% discount to anyone booking after Thanksgiving to November 1. Hope to see you then.

What You Can Expect Next Year

We will work on cottage #8 this year and hopefully change the ceiling to cathedral style and put in new kitchen cupboards. The laundry facility is definitely moving up on our list and it may become a reality this year. I will let you all know when I send out the request for deposit, but we are pricing out the cost of a coin laundry for PLC. Henning will continue to groom the trails and add some signage to make it easier to walk through. Have a safe and Happy Holiday season.

Linda and Henning