2011 Message from Linda & Hennign Continued

Of course this could not have been pulled off without some antics while we were away and the pictures below tell a story. Also while we were away Ken Koebel came and trained clients on the boats and Mark Purdon was on call for any plumbing issues while another good client Dave Graves was on standby for any electrical issues. Altogether the entire team was amazing as were the leaving and arriving clients and both Henning and I enjoyed the wedding without any worries. Henning just put the new flags up on the Wednesday before he left and of course the Danish flag was on top of the Dutch flag (we are Danish). The Vyns are Dutch and once they assumed control of the camp, they took it upon themselves to correct the order of the flags to their favour. They video taped the event so that they could share with us when we returned.. Everyone in camp had a good laugh and waited anxiously for us to return so that Henning would notice. Well with everything going on, Henning surprisingly did not notice the switch on the Sunday when we returned, nor the Monday, Tuesday or even Wednesday. Finally on Thursday we were looking at the direction of the wind and he said “WOW, the Danish flag is not on top”. I said “why did you do that” and he responded “I don’t know”. ON the Friday before the Vyns were set to leave on the Saturday, they finally shared the video with us. We all had a great laugh!!

Another Good Fishing Year

Well the water level came back this year. As the matter of fact, we were a little worried in early May that we too much water! Anyway it went down and we started the season with the level a little high.

Visitors to the Camp

This year we saw a lot of cool wildlife in the camp. In March this lone wolf visited the camp on the end of the guests docks. He even tried to entice Molly and Mel to go with him into the forest ... they declined. Then in May we had a moose take a tour of the property. Henning was the only one in camp, but he got really good pictures. While we were having eaves trough installed on cottage #4 and #5 a baby deer came in looking to see what was going on. We did not see its Mother, so when he left we hoped that it would connect with the family again. The snapping turtle decided that PLC would be a great place to start a family and so laid her eggs on the beach. What an exciting year.

Changes this Year

Work on the Grounds – Every year that we have been here the lake encroaches on the soccer field whenever the wind blows north or there is a lot of rain, so when we had the opportunity to get the ditching dirt from the township we decided to create a Berm extending the shore of the dock side of the property. We built up the land by about 10 inches and have successfully eliminated the flooding by the large tree. This will make the ground on the soccer field much nicer. Those of you staying in cottage #7 this year may have noticed a slow drain when using water. In September Henning dug up the weeping tiles and found the roots of the trees had filled the tiles so that they were unusable. He then hired a digger and installed a new weeping bed on the Septic tank and all is running smoothly now. Other minor ground work include new gravel on the driveway from the garage to the house to even out the drive, planting of a few more trees and starting the openings of the trails we hope to complete next year on the 20 acres.

Winter Getaway

Last year was such a great success for the winter get away that we would like to do it again this winter. So we are offering a great deal for February. You will be able to take advantage of our flat rate fee for accommodation based on the maximum occupancy in each cottage. The Beach House would be $300 per night for 10 people and cottages 1 – 4 would be $150 per night for 5 people. Of course it is based on a minimum 2 night stay. You can enjoy a fun family get-away which can include skating, snow shoeing, skiing, playing in the snow, enjoying a fire on the point roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. Ideal for the family weekend in February ... Come visit, we miss you!

What You Can Expect This Year

Now that the new office is in place we will get back to work on the cottages and out buildings. The plan for this year is to put a new kitchen and floors in the Beach House. This work is scheduled for March and will be ready for season opening. The kitchen will be a bit more functional and the floors will be easier to clean. All things going well we will re-finish the inside of the fish cleaning hut as well since we both agree that it is in dire need. WE are ever grateful for our repeat clients who make it possible to continue to improve the camp and for your insight as to what we should be working on.

Have a safe and Happy Holiday season.

Linda and Henning