2010 Message from Henning & Linda Continued

The locals who have lived here all their lives stated that it has never been this low. The explanation we got from the powers that be included the lack of snow this winter; the slow thaw we had in the spring, so that the run off was absorbed instead of ending up in the lake; the very dry and hot summer we had (starting in May). It is customary for the MNR to let water out of the lake in October to anticipate the snow load of the winter to reduce flooding in the spring. The norm is to then review it and let more out in January or February as required. This year, they did both and it seems that they did not consider the lack of precipitation nor the already lowered water level. At any rate,we here at PLC were lucky enough to be able to get all the boat out (except the pontoon boat) unlike some other camps who had to go to extreme lengths to get their fishermen out on the lake. We only had to contend with the very tall weed beds created by the low water. The water level started to come up near the end of September and we are at the normal fall level again, so hopefully it will be watched more closely this year.

Other Changes This Year

Virtual Tour – we had a company called View my City video tape the property and the insides of the cottages so that all of our clients and potential clients would be able to go in and see the changes we are making and what the facility looks like if you are a first timer. We have had so much good feedback on this addition to our web site that we are updating it annually with all of the changes we make throughout the year. Hope you enjoy the tour! - www.promisedlandcamp.net

More Good Fishing This Year

Even though the water level was low, the fishing was exceptional! We had many over the slot sized walleyes caught which means that the limit setting is working! There were also a number of large pikes caught.

What a coincidence!

If you remember the story from last year of Joe who caught the 40 ½ inch pike. Well, he returned this year and again his grandson Colder came with him. This year, Colder caught a pike almost exactly the same as his grandpa did last year – 40 ½ inches and 17 lbs!

More Changes this Year

Coffee Program – we teamed up with Van Houtte this year to provide our clients with coffee on demand. As the household coffee makers do not withstand the constant use we put them through here at our fishing camp, I contacted Van Houtte to see what they could offer and they were very willing to try a coffee program here where they supply the machines and we buy the coffee from them. As we were spending a significant amount on replacement machines, we took that money and started purchasing coffee instead. The result is that our clients get delicious coffee ready in 2 -3 minutes. We will provide each cottage with one pot of coffee for each day you stay with us. After that, you can use your own brand of coffee which you may have brought with you or, you can purchase additional bags from us at $1.60 per bag (one bag makes a 12 cup pot).

Winter Getaway - this winter, we are offering a great deal on family winter get-away. In February we would like to offer a flat rate fee for accommodation based on the maximum occupancy in each cottage. The Beach House would be $300 per night for 10 people and cottages 1 – 4 would be $150 per night for 5 people. Of course it is based on a minimum 2 night stay. Please check our rates page on the web site to see the cost per cottage. You can choose from any of those to enjoy a fun family get-away which can include skating, snow shoeing, skiing, playing in the snow, enjoying a fire on the point roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. Ideal for the family weekend in February....... Come visit, we miss you!

A Word From our Clients

Just a few of your compliments to fuel our next season. Henning and I truly love doing everything involved in making your stay fun, exciting and comfortable and to hear that you appreciate it too makes it so much easier to keep providing service. Thank you all for being such great guests!

FEEL SO WELCOME ... The cottage is beautiful and so comfortable!! We love what you’ve done with the furniture and coffee maker! We are blessed by our hospitality and gift for making everyone feel so welcome!! The boat was a great addition, helped with our bigger family and fishing was great.

CAN’T WAIT ... Just a note to thank you so much for your warm welcome to our family on our first visit to Promised Land. It was one of our best family vacations. Thank you for sharing your beautiful location. Our guys has a blast and hope to return with us next year. Can’t Wait! Take care.

PLANE WENT DOWN ... We are very appreciative of your quick response and incredible tracking and recovery abilities when my plane went down in dense forest and leach infested bog and saved us from near death (hic)... well almost! Please wear these shirts proudly knowing that you are the best Search and Rescue team on the lake!

COTTAGE WAS GREAT ... Just wanted to say again thanks so much for the great time and hospitality at Promised Land. Young Justin couldn't stop saying enough about you guys . The cottage was great, the huts were great and the fun was enormous. Of course Roy, Jason and I feel the same.

What You Can Expect This Year

Well some of you were here when I set the kitchen on fire! What a day that was. We had a 3 phase plan for this years’ renovations which included an addition to that house for our new office, taking down interior walls to make an open style living room/dining room and kitchen and then finally putting in a new kitchen to make it more functional ... well, the fire has expedited the entire project and we are now in the full renovation mode. You will no longer have to climb the stairs on our deck to get to the office as we have created the new office at ground level. The current office has been converted to our living space and it is awesome! Ask for a tour when you return this year! As the low water level was not a hit, we have requested more water this year and hope to have 2009 water level restored! We will endeavour to make whatever amount of water we get work for all of you and provide the service you need to enjoy the camp to its fullest. We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Linda and Henning