2009 Message from Linda & Henning Continued

So, just as a re-cap, over the winter and early spring we completed the following projects: New docks along the shore and the gas pump side, 2 new 40 HP CrestLiner boats, new dishes, glasses, cutlery for all cottages, new curtains and bedspreads for all cottages, new floor in cottages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8, new kitchen cupboards, back splash and lighting in cottages 1, 2, 3 and 4, updated bathrooms in cottages 3 and 4, bunk beds added to cottages 1, 2, 4 and 6, new living furniture and a paint job to the ceiling and all walls in the beach house, larger TV’s to cottages 1, 3, 4 and 8, Henning also got a new tractor to help with maintenance of the driveway and property – he loves it!


I think that is all we did before we went on a one week vacation in April 2008! What a rush, but we are glad it is all done so that we were able to focus in the clients during the prime season. The economy scared us all a little this year and we lost a few bookings in June and July, but August and September rebounded and we survived. The weather was not kind to us this summer either, we had a very cool, wet July and August, however the bugs were not too bad in the spring. This of course made for great fishing and everyone likes that!

What Can You Expect This Year

www.promisedlandcamp.net will have an exciting addition in November. Please visit the site to see this years pictures as well as our virtual tour created by Norm Franks and his wife Lisa of View My City. We would like to thank Norm and Lisa for the great job they have done. They will be back to complete the #6 cottage as well as upgrades as they are completed. The beach house has received a new roof this fall and we are planning on installing more new flooring and updating kitchens in a couple of the cottage at the point. This fall we also took down a few very large poplar trees between the beach house and #4 for safety reasons. It looks great and provides more sun to the area, so hopefully it will dry quicker this spring. If we can get a deal on new furniture, we will continue to upgrade the cottages in most need. Anyway, you will have to come back next year to see the changes for yourselves.

Good Fishing This Year

We were blessed with great fishing this year and those who went fishing usually came back with their limit of walleye. Bass was also good this year. However the pike were a little elusive and we had one great catch which got the whole camp excited. Jim and Joe have been fishing together for years. They bring their family along, but usually take a boat for themselves to fish in. This year was no different and they faithfully went out every day for many hours in search of the big one! On the Friday before they were leaving Jim and Joe went out in the rain again. They fished until late afternoon and low and behold, Joe got the big one. He caught it in Meadow Creek bay on the south shore about 4:00PM and the lure he used was called a Booyah. It's a large single hook with 2 twisters on the hook and the hook has a skirt on it. It took Joe 15 minutes to land it. At first Joe thought he had a snag until it started to move. Then the fish took off away from the boat and then turned around and came toward the boat, then went under the boat and around the motor and next to the boat where Jim netted it. When asked if he wanted to release it and his answer was ... ARE YOU KIDDING? ... That's the biggest fish I ever caught! He brought it in to camp for everyone to see and of course the PLC paparazzi came out in droves to get a good shot of Joe and his big catch! The pike weighed in at 17 ¼ lbs and was 40 ½ inches long. Joe is 84 years old and drives a Harley for recreation and relaxation. He can now add another big fish to the notch on his fishing pole. Thanks for sharing Joe!

Other Changes This Year

In June this year, Henning’s Mom and Daughter Taryn came to help me learn the finer art of gardening. I am just a beginner and with their help, we managed to get the gardens around the property looking pretty good and certainly colourful, so thank you Taryn and Mom. Henning and Jonathan built a central gazebo by the new docks using some of the left over wood from the old docks. We added a few pieces of outdoor furniture and created what Mary Vyn likes to call ... ‘her outdoor living room’. Many clients used this as a morning coffee spot, afternoon reading area and a great spot to sit while waiting for the returning fishermen or even the outdoor office as wireless reception is excellent there. With the addition of the surrounding flower beds (provided by Luc Guilbault) the gazebo looks like it has always been there. Thank you to our friend Luc for all the plants and the assistance in transplanting many of your garden annuals in our little piece of heaven. In July and August clients were offered the chance to go on a guided nature hike with our local outdoors man Steve Morrin. Steve took the hikers on a 1 ½ - 2 hour walk in the woods surrounding Promised Land Camp including a hike to the Beaver Dam. Hikers saw small animals, animal tracks (including bear tracks and deer tracks) and even tasted wild blueberries while they were in season.

A Word From our Clients

This year in the information binders we supplied a cottage journal page for you to record your memories and I have chosen to share one from the Keifer family who I think summed it up nicely.

WHAT WE DID ... Relaxed ... fish, kayak, relax ... swim, canoe, relax ... campfires, soccer, relax ... volleyball, wades for ice cream, relax ... watch shooting stars, capture the flag, manhunt, relax ... paddleboat, turtle jumping, relax ... fish, bonfire, swim at night and relax ... play with friends.

OLD ENCOUNTERS ... Chris, Jess, Michael, Josie, Mosimo, Alicia, Emily, Mack, Jonathan, Michele, Rebecca, Brandon, Brianna, Lucas, Emily, Nicolas – Parents TOO!

PROJECTS ... Absolutely nothing ;) Fishing Contest – Mom 22” pike, Dad 19” pike and 18 “ bass. Birthday cake made and celebrated

FAVORITE MOMENTS ... Can’t pick – just coming home to Promised Land!! Thank you Linda and Henning we had a great time again.

Ice Fishing

Our first ice fishing season was very interesting. We started the season on January 1, 2009 with 12 inches of clear blue ice. Henning and Hank worked from the first morning light until dusk taking clients out and back to the ice huts (located about 5 KM out), drilling holes, getting more bait and the occasional beer run. January fishing was pretty good, but the February thaw changed that for those who came in later ... they were not so lucky. However, as you all said it is more about the experience and catching fish is the icing on the cake.

Again, Henning and I would like to wish you, your family and friends a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We are looking forward to serving you in 2010 and hope that you will return to us to make more memories!!