Campfire Story

Catching an eagle

Eagles fish Lake Nipissing too!

- Ken and Barb Siciliano

We were fishing heading back in, Ken said look up their's an eagle. We watch him in awe as he circled came down with his wings out, claws out no more than 20ft from the back of our boat. I said he's going to get a fish . We watch as he crabbed a fish, took off and then we heard Ken's line being pulled out with the eagle. Ken didn't know he had a fish on his line, but the eagle sure did! We see fish, lure and line going up and were panicking. All Ken could think to do was to start reeling the line in, so he did. The bird let go, everything dropped back into the water. Ken reeled the fish in thinking it was dead, the fish was in shock, had a really bad experience!! He did swim off really fast!! In all the years we've been coming here nothing that awesome has happen to us while fishing. A experience that will not be forgotten.